The deanery mission plan

The Diocese of Bath & Wells strategy aims to equip all of God's people in our churches to live and tell the story of Jesus. We want to be as intentional as possible in shaping all our energy to this aim, and deaneries have a key part to play in this. The Deanery Mission Plan is a tool to enable deaneries to take a strategic overview of mission and ministry, and to enable change and development within the deanery. 

In January 2017, Bishop Peter asked each Deanery to being forming their Deanery Mission Plan. This is an ongoing, reflective process that involves regular review. 

Below is a summary of our Deanery Mission Plan, as it stands today, as we seek to identify opportunities for mission and evangelism and build the capacity of the churches in our deanery.

Church planting and pioneering

Developing and implementing a 5 year church planting plan with the resources available

  • Map out the specific opportunities and gaps in mission and church life in the deanery
  • Develop and implement a 5-year church planting plan using the resources available to the Deanery, local churches and the Diocese
  • Develop our learning about how to collaborate together on mission
  • Discern how to plant into the poorest areas of the city
  • Develop a multifaceted approach which distinguishes between Church Plants / Pioneering / In-plants / Fresh expressions / New forms of church

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Task Group to develop a 5-year church planting plan and share vision with Diocese as part of us learning together November 2018          Task Group / DMPG / DEA / DRME
  • Identify geographic/demographic gaps in mission and ministry and share these across the Deanery for prayer and reflection September 2017            Task Group / DMPG / DEA / DRME
  • Develop models of planting that minister to the poor Ongoing / Reviewed annually Task Group / DMPG / DEA / DRME
  • Develop missional ‘New Housing’ teams as appropriate Ongoing / Reviewed annually Task Group / DMPG / DEA / DRME

Collaborating together

Increasing our partnership in prayer and mission


  • Seek to implement the proposals of the various Task Groups – Poorest Magnificat Parishes / Youth Discipleship / Older generations / City-Centre mission and ministry
  • Develop the communication between the Task Groups and each local church and PCC, helping to join the dots
  • Support the mission of the Deanery through the work of the Rural Mission Enabler and Deanery Evangelism Adviser.
  • Recognising that there is a strategic need for us to invest in mission in the poorest areas we will share the load of fundraising and vision sharing across the city and not leave it to the poorest churches to tell their story or carry this burden alone.
  • Support the Abbey through the process of redevelopment and share in the development of a vision for the Abbey as a missional hub in the city centre


  • Leading, initiating and supporting ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and other prayer events and activities throughout the year, modelling a wide range of approaches to prayer in the Deanery
  • Encouraging the formation of Houses of Prayer in every part of the Deanery.
  • Developing a Deanery-wide cycle of prayer
  • Prioritising city-wide prayer for Church Leaders and leadership teams
  • Exploring the formation of a monastic community
  • Exploring the ideas of ‘Jericho’ evenings of prayer and Magnificat Sunday as ways of sharing the story and experience of ministry and mission in the poorest areas

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Development of a City-centre discipleship vision By Easter 2018 City Centre TGp / DMPG / DLT
  • Every parish to set itself a specific mission goal relating to the poorest in their ‘patch’ and across the Deanery    September 2017   PCCs / Incumbents
  • Undertake an annual review of mission and ministry among the poorest areas By Easter 2018  Magnificat Task Group
  • 50% of people from the Anglican churches involved in ‘Thy Kingdom come’ prayer Ongoing / Reviewed annually    DLT / Incumbents / DEA / PCCs
  • 50% increase in involvement in November 2017 and February 2018 city-wide prayer evenings Ongoing / Reviewed annually DLT / Incumbents / DEA / PCCs
  • 5 new ‘Houses of Prayer’ across the Deanery By Easter 2018 PCCs / Incumbents
  • Termly ‘Jericho’ evenings of prayer Ongoing / Reviewed annually    Magnificat Task Gp / DMPG / DLT
  • ‘Magnificat’ Sunday resources offered Advent 2017    Magnificat Task Group


Increasing our ministry and connection with young people and supporting mission and chaplaincy in schools, colleges and universities

Supporting the development of a culture of evangelism at the heart of everything

  • Developing and encouraging a culture of invitation throughout the year and right across the Deanery
  • Encouraging the ‘Learning Community’ approach modelled by Lead Academy
  • Developing the Parish Plan elements of our Deanery Plan with attention to evangelism and reviewing these annually
  • Sharing stories, good ideas and training resources across the Deanery through Chapter, Synod and other meetings
  • Making the most of our Deanery Evangelism Adviser and Rural Mission Enabler to assist leadership teams, church leaders and PCC’s

Some specific Deanery goals

  • A city-wide Evangelism Conference for leaders and church members
  • Explore forming an Evangelism learning community in 2017/18
  • Sharing membership figures across the deanery annually to help us discern growth and gaps
  • Sharing Evangelism Training Resources
  • Intentionally share testimonies and evangelism stories at Synod and Chapter
  • Develop a vision for ‘Evangelism Champions’ across the Deanery

Some Parish goals

  • Every PCC to have evangelism explicitly on the agenda at least once a quarter
  • Update Parish Plans (shared with all)
  • 5 churches participating together in a collaborative city-wide ‘mission season’ in 2017/18


Further supporting every church in their own development and setting


Further supporting and encouraging ministry leadership of all kinds














  • Running or supporting leadership development courses and training resources and sharing these across the Deanery
  • Encouraging leadership development through mentoring and coaching for church leaders
  • Developing leadership networks across the Deanery in areas such as Youth Work, Chaplaincy, Administration, Children and Families Work, Senior’s Work
  • Making the most of Chapter and Incumbents’ meetings for support, prayer and development
  • Exploring the development of a Leadership Learning Community for Clergy
  • Reflecting more strategically about the potential for financing more leaders
  • Licencing and authorising lay leaders to further extend church ministry and mission

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Termly deanery-wide leadership development events / conferences / courses By 2018            DLT / DMPG / Incumbents / M4M
  • Leadership training and information shared across Deanery Ongoing / reviewed annually            DLT / Incumbents / DRME / M4M
  • Leadership networks established By Spring 2018    DMPG
  • Seeing attendance at Chapter meetings rise to 75% Immediately. Review annually DLT / Clergy
  • 6 senior church leaders in a new or renewed intentional leadership development / mentoring relationship By Spring 2018            DLT / DMPG / Incumbents / M4M
  • 2 authorised lay church ministers in post By end 2018         DLT / M4M

  • Further embedding the vision for whole-life discipleship for everyone baptised across the Deanery
  • Encouraging a holistic vision for discipleship and disciple-making that is focused on growing in knowledge, on deepening in dependency and intimacy, and on actively obeying the way of Christ

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Following up the 2016 city-wide conference by piloting an LICC Whole-life Discipleship Learning Hub September 2017 LICC / DLT
  • 100 people through Life on the Frontline / Fruitfulness on the Frontline every year for 5 years Ongoing / Reviewed annually PCCs / Incumbents
  • Seek to establish a couple of work-based frontline groups in the Deanery By Easter 2018 DMPG
  • Further encourage the development of small groups and accountability groups for deepening discipleship – increasing the percentage of people engaged in such groups by 20% year on year Ongoing / Reviewed annually Incumbents / Leadership Teams / PCCs
  • 2 parishes joining together to create a Discipleship Program in 2017/18
  • By Spring 2018 DMPG


Setting God's people free for mission and discipleship