Rev Sally Buddle  Deanery Evangelism Advisor

Rev Sally Buddle

Deanery Evangelism Advisor

Why having a Deanery Evangelism Advisor might be a ‘good thing’! 

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Are you aware that God is at work in your local community but you don’t feel equipped to respond?

Maybe you’re in a vacancy or really short of active members, perhaps there’s a particular people group you want to connect with but are unsure how to begin or possibly your congregations are struggling to explain the faith basis of their acts of service…

As Deanery Evangelism Advisor, I’m here to help us work together and learn from each other as we seek to be people who are ‘Living & telling the story of Jesus’ in our local context. 

Here’s an idea of some of the things I’ve been involved in so far:

Individuals & Churches - Supporting & resourcing both individuals & churches (networking with colleagues/specialists and offering advice re printed/electronic media) as they launch something missionally new (could be ‘one offs’ or involve longer term culture change).

New Housing - Facilitating meetings with developers, supporting local churches to organise welcome visits to every house, encouraging liaison with recently opened school & supporting new toddler group hosted by a Christian family living on the estate 

Magnificat Parishes - Advocating for more resources and personnel in areas of deprivation so that we can journey alongside residents, recognising how the God of hope is already active in their community 

Workplace ministry - Encouraging prayer groups at our larger local employers; participating in Whole Life Discipleship in order to honour & equip us for ministry in our places of work

Students - Part-time Anglican chaplain at Bath Uni supporting students to share Jesus with their peers in creative ways both on and off campus

Prayer - Helping to launch Community Houses of Prayer (CHOPs) and in discerning ‘what next’ in terms of the implications for local mission

If you would like to discuss further how we might work in partnership together, please contact Rev’d Sally Buddle on or 0771 265 7991