How can a church grow as a community of people who help one another live out their whole lives – at home, work, church, in the neighbourhood – as disciples of Jesus? And where could a church with this desire find the resources, tools, advice and support needed to make this vision a reality?

What are the implications for leaders and leadership teams who want to create a missional disciple-making community? How have people grown in confidence to make a difference on their frontlines? What’s helped, what’s hindered and what keeps it going? And how can you discern the right first steps to take in your own particular context?

The Whole-Life Discipleship Learning Hub is a fantastic opportunity for church leaders and their teams to be resourced and to learn from each other about how to create and sustain whole-life disciple making churches.

Over a period of nine months, this series of workshops, led by LICC working in partnership with the Diocese of Bath and Wells, will provide an opportunity for church leaders and leadership teams to explore how church ministry can inspire worshippers to fruitfulness in the whole of their lives.

The Diocese of Bath and Wells, through its ‘Living and telling the story’ vision, is prioritising the making of disciples who are committed to following Jesus in a way that inspires them to live daily lives influenced by their faith. The invitation to participate in the workshops is extended to all with a vision aligned to the making of whole-life disciples.


These workshops will equip churches to take practical steps towards the building of whole-life disciples. Further information about Whole-Life Discipleship can be found in the accompanying booklet or online at www.licc.org.uk/imagine-church/

01/02      Leading a whole-life disciple-making church

01/03      Culture-change for a whole-life disciple-making church

12/04      Intentional relationships that sustain whole-life disciples

03/05      Preaching with a whole-life disciple-making church

07/06      Planning and leading worship in a whole-life disciple-making church

19/07       Equipping people to share faith in a whole-life disciple-making church

06/09      Equipping for the workplace in a whole-life disciple-making church

11/10       Developing spiritual vitality in a whole-life disciple-making church


  • Sessions will be held at St Michael’s in Twerton and will run from 7:30-9:30pm
  • Churches must formally register to participate in the programme by 8th January?
  • Participation is limited to 10 churches, so please register asap.
  • Please note, Churches cannot join the programme half way through the year or attend a workshop if they have not registered for the programme.
  • People need only attend the workshops that are relevant for their area of ministry. Some sessions will be great for the whole church
  • The workshops are being funded by the Diocese at a cost of £400 per participating church. Participating churches will be invited to pay towards helping another church participate in the future

To find out more, or to register your church for the programme, please contact: Graham Dodds / Ministry for Mission / Discipleship /

graham.dodds@bathwells.anglican.org / 01749 685 114 / 07702 658687 (preferred)