Whole-life Discipleship

Setting God’s people free for mission and discipleship – WHOLE-LIFE DISCIPLESHIP

  • Further embedding the vision for whole-life discipleship for everyone baptised across the Deanery
  • Encouraging a holistic vision for discipleship and disciple-making that is focused on growing in knowledge, on deepening in dependency and intimacy, and on actively obeying the way of Christ

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Following up the 2016 city-wide conference by piloting an LICC Whole-life Discipleship Learning Hub September 2017 LICC / DLT
  • 100 people through Life on the Frontline / Fruitfulness on the Frontline every year for 5 years Ongoing / Reviewed annually PCCs / Incumbents
  • Seek to establish a couple of work-based frontline groups in the Deanery By Easter 2018 DMPG
  • Further encourage the development of small groups and accountability groups for deepening discipleship – increasing the percentage of people engaged in such groups by 20% year on year Ongoing / Reviewed annually Incumbents / Leadership Teams / PCCs
  • 2 parishes joining together to create a Discipleship Program in 2017/18
    By Spring 2018 DMPG