Praying for the city

In our desire and commitment to collaborate together in mission and prayer, we will be devoting our next chapter meeting over to prayer – pure and simple  – nothing fancy – just prayer.  We do a lot of talking together – sharing concerns, coming up with ideas and plans and so much more – so it will be really great to pull right back on that and to spend the two hours we have together to pray for our city.  Together as a family of churches, as the Anglican Church in the city we are the largest church and it will be great to be able to take a lead in praying for our city in these turbulent and rapidly changing and unsettling days.

The outline of the 2hrs is looking like this:
12.00pm Communion
12.30pm Lunch / Chat / Coffee
13.00pm Prayer time

• Praying for Bathford and Sally’s role as Deanery Evangelism Adviser
• Praying through scripture (Luke 9:1-6)
• Praying in silence
• Praying for the poorest people across our city and deanery

13.30pm  Praying for our six areas of development in our plan (people choose one of these three to focus on)

• Healthy Evangelistic Churches – Praying for Churches and parishes in ‘Living and telling the story’
• Whole Life Discipleship – Praying for the sent 98%
• Growing Younger – Praying for the Young and those working with them

13.45pm (people choose another of these three)

• Leadership Growth – Praying for Leaders
• Church Planting / Pioneering – Praying for innovators
• Collaborating in Prayer and Mission – Praying for Unity and Mission