New Rural Dean

The Bishop of Bath and Wells has invited Richard Wilson, Rector of St Michael’s Twerton, to become the next Rural Dean following the appointment of Martin Lloyd-Williams as Archdeacon of Brighton and Lewes. Richard has been Assistant Rural Dean for the past four years and has been working closely with Martin to keep our focus on making and being disciples.

“I am really excited about serving the Deanery in this way,” said Richard, “as I believe it is a significant time for us as a church across the city. There are so many great churches here in Bath and I am convinced that God is drawing us closer together around a common vision and purpose. On the surface Bath can seem very genteel and peaceful but under the surface people face real difficulties and have real concerns. Jesus brought hope and life wherever there was despair or death and this is our task too. We know that there is a ‘thief’ looking to steal, kill or destroy what is good in life but we are completely confident that there is a Saviour – Jesus Christ – who has come to bring life and life in all its fullness. Being a disciple of Jesus is the best thing ever and I long to see more and more people from Bath finding life in Christ as we share the good news and demonstrate the reality of his kingdom in our lives.”

Over the next few months, Richard and Jeremy Key-Pugh, the Lay Chair of the Deanery, along with the Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee, will be reviewing the Deanery Plan which was published in 2011 in order to make sure that we build on what has been achieved. Together they remain totally committed to the ‘discipleship agenda’ that was the basis of the plan and will be looking for ways to further embed this in the culture and life of the Anglican Churches right across the city and surrounding areas.

“Being a disciple of Jesus is my life. It’s what shapes every aspect of who I am and what I do. I can’t think of a better way to live. Being a forgiven sinner is where I start and I am so grateful to God for his constant grace to me. As a leader I am aware of my failings but I am confident in the God who finishes what he starts and who shines through the cracks of our broken lives. It really is all about Jesus. As the Archbishop of Canterbury said recently – the rest is just decoration.”

“Working with Martin these past few years has taught me that we are so much stronger when we act and work together. I am convinced God wants his church to grow and to thrive, even though we may live in a more hostile or agnostic culture than in the past. God is not taken by surprise by this or anxious bout it and neither should we be. The Good News is always good and we are being called to reconnect with this once again and to share it more boldly and confidently than we have done in the past. People are literally dying without it. May God help us be and make disciples worthy of the name we follow.”

If you have any comments or thought about making disciples do let Richard know by emailing him at