New Deanery Plan

The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Group are excited about us developing a new Deanery Plan in 2016.  Our vision as a city-wide family of churches is to see hundreds of people becoming disciples and our whole city transformed. Committed to seeing this happen we are working together as a Deanery to create a culture of discipleship in every parish and area of our city, on every frontline. Everyone a disciple / Everyone a disciple-maker / Everywhere a discipleship invitation / Every church a discipleship community.

All of us make plans for our church life locally on an ongoing basis and we want to collate and share these with one another to feed into a new constantly updated Deanery Plan which we will present to Synod in October. This will be then updated annually.

The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Group (DMPG) is commissioned by the Diocese to present this plan to the Diocese to feed into the wider Diocesan strategy which places mission and evangelism at the heart of everything.

The plan will include the following:

  • A shared vision for our deanery including our long term goals and objectives
  • Parish plans and objectives related to our discipleship vision
  • Proposals for the future deployment of stipendiary clergy to resource mission
  • Proposals for the development and equipping of leaders – lay and ordained
  • Proposals for mission and development from task groups on Church Planting / Older People / Young people / UPA / New Housing Areas / Frontline and Chaplaincy / Abbey / Rural Fringes

You can download a Parish Plan template for use amongst your PCC here