New Deanery Plan

It was over five years ago that in our last Deanery Plan that we determined in a very explicit and intentional way to place discipleship – making and growing Christians with a holistic and wholehearted vision of their life in Christ – at the centre of our journey together. The impact of this on our unity, our mission, our prayer, our vision and our clarity of purpose has been significant and it has been so thrilling to see God at work among us in new and fresh ways.

As part of the diocesan strategy we have been invited to draw up a new plan to take us through the  next few years and we are excited to have published this in the last month.

You can download it HERE

Here are the headlines!

The vision:
To see hundreds of people becoming disciples and our whole city transformed by God’s loving rule as we grow to a church of 4000 disciples over the next few years

The mission:
To make disciples, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit, and teaching them to obey all that Jesus taught

The strategy:
To put mission and evangelism at the heart of all we are and do

The plan:
To work together on the following six areas:

• Healthy Evangelistic Churches
• Whole-life discipleship
• Leadership Growth
• Church Planting
• Growing Younger
• Collaborating in Mission and Prayer