Leadership Growth

Further supporting and encouraging ministry leadership of all kinds – LEADERSHIP GROWTH

  • Running or supporting leadership development courses and training resources and sharing these across the Deanery
  • Encouraging leadership development through mentoring and coaching for church leaders
  • Developing leadership networks across the Deanery in areas such as Youth Work, Chaplaincy, Administration, Children and Families Work, Senior’s Work
  • Making the most of Chapter and Incumbents’ meetings for support, prayer and development
  • Exploring the development of a Leadership Learning Community for Clergy
  • Reflecting more strategically about the potential for financing more leaders
  • Licencing and authorising lay leaders to further extend church ministry and mission

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Termly deanery-wide leadership development events / conferences / courses By 2018            DLT / DMPG / Incumbents / M4M
  • Leadership training and information shared across Deanery Ongoing / reviewed annually            DLT / Incumbents / DRME / M4M
  • Leadership networks established By Spring 2018    DMPG
  • Seeing attendance at Chapter meetings rise to 75% Immediately. Review annually DLT / Clergy
  • 6 senior church leaders in a new or renewed intentional leadership development / mentoring relationship By Spring 2018            DLT / DMPG / Incumbents / M4M
  • 2 authorised lay church ministers in post By end 2018         DLT / M4M