Huddles and Learning Communities


In our goal of seeing hundreds more people becoming disciples across the city and our whole community transformed by God’s loving rule we are keen aware of the need to support LEADERSHIP at every level of church life. In this regard there are two exciting developments that are taking root over the next few months – HUDDLES and LEARNING COMMUNITIES.

A HUDDLE is a group of two or three leaders meeting to support one another in their leadership role assisted by the help of a facilitator to help us prioritise the important over the urgent, keep our plans on track, and encourage us and help maintain the focus on making and growing disciples. Meeting

The second idea is about supporting the key leadership team in our churches and participating with them in a LEARNING COMMUNITY with others from across the deanery. This is not a course, conference or programme but is about joining with others to clarify your church vision, set goals and find encouragement from others on the same journey over an 18 month period. Run by Chris Stoddard and Nick Cuthbert from LEAD ACADEMY the focus of the journey will be on the key issues of purpose, culture, leadership, discipleship and mission.

For more information contact Richard Wilson (St Michael’s Twerton)