The Anglican Church in Bath

As a church we live in an exciting time.  Right across the city of Bath churches are joining together and finding a new strength and purpose from participating in God’s mission to his broken world.  A new energy and commitment is rising from among the people and new ideas, ministries and visions are being birthed all the time.  New ways of doing things, new approaches, fresh expressions.  And this is particularly evident amongst the Anglican churches. All over the place creative new ideas and plans are taking root as the people of God respond to the nudges of the Spirit and let their sails catch his wind.

This website is about life.  It is about the story that God is writing through our lives as we participate in his desire to draw all things together under Christ and his love.  It is about sharing visions and dreams and making them a reality. It is about us sharing resources and ideas, being creative.  it is about us building each other up, blessing each other.  It is about us living out the two great commandments and learning and growing to live in unity.  It is about us expressing out shared connection with the past and walking together into a new future with Christ as our shepherd and guide.  It is about transformation and hope. Community and friendship.  Spiritual life and discipleship.  Prayer and action.

Find out more and join us as we seek to share God’s love and grace with the people of Bath.