Healthy Evangelistic Churches

Further supporting every church in their own development and growth – HEALTHY EVANGELISTIC CHURCHES

  • Supporting the development of a culture of evangelism at the heart of everything
  • Developing and encouraging a culture of invitation throughout the year and right across the Deanery
  • Encouraging the ‘Learning Community’ approach modelled by Lead Academy
  • Developing the Parish Plan elements of our Deanery Plan with attention to evangelism and reviewing these annually
  • Sharing stories, good ideas and training resources across the Deanery through Chapter, Synod and other meetings
  • Making the most of our Deanery Evangelism Adviser and Rural Mission Enabler to assist leadership teams, church leaders and PCC’s

Some specific Deanery goals

  • A city-wide Evangelism Conference for leaders and church members
  • Explore forming an Evangelism learning community in 2017/18
  • Sharing membership figures across the deanery annually to help us discern growth and gaps
  • Sharing Evangelism Training Resources
  • Intentionally share testimonies and evangelism stories at Synod and Chapter
  • Develop a vision for ‘Evangelism Champions’ across the Deanery

Some Parish goals

  • Every PCC to have evangelism explicitly on the agenda at least once a quarter
  • Update Parish Plans (shared with all)
  • 5 churches participating together in a collaborative city-wide ‘mission season’ in 2017/18