Growing Younger

Supporting youth work and chaplaincy and mission among schools, colleges and universities – GROWING YOUNGER

  • Create a network of Chaplains across the Deanery to share vision, resources and ideas
  • Identify and encourage specific local churches with a mission and ministry among students and young people
  • Encourage every parish to hold a youth audit (with help from YFC)
  • Develop prayer support for mission towards students and develop a shared vision for student mission and discipleship across the Deanery
  • Sharing the experience of fundraising for youth work to increase resources in this area
  • Exploring the development of a Discipleship Year / Program / Internship for the Deanery
  • Develop existing networks between youth workers and leaders across the city

Some specific Deanery goals

  • Establish Chaplain / Youth Worker Networks From   September 2017   Chaplains / DLT / Youth Workers / YFC
  • Deanery audit of young people we have contact with each week   September 2017 YFC / DMPG / Incumbents / PCCs
  • Support parents in their role as disciple-makers   Ongoing / Reviewed annually YFC / Incumbents / PCCs
  • 10 parent forums facilitated by YFC   Ongoing / YFC
  • City-wide youth conference / event / pilgrimage By Easter 2018 YFC / Chaplains / Youth Workers / PCCs/ Incumbents
  • Every PCC to review the place of young people as participants in church life and mission   Ongoing / PCCs / Incumbents / YFC