Resources and links

Evangelism Resources for Churches, Groups & Individuals

  • Faith Pictures – a free course developed by church army with videos to download designed to help Christians talk more openly and confidently about what they believe.
  • Ugly Duckling – a set of resources to stimulate spiritual conversations including Puzzling Questions, Table Talk, and the Happiness Lab.
  • Jesus Deck – a retro set of 1970s educational ‘playing cards’ that have become a unique spirit led tool for evangelism. To find out more order the Grove Booklet EV112 – Using the Jesus Deck.
  • Gabriel Collective – encourages vlogging as way of sharing about faith for 18 – 35 year olds.
  • The Natural Evangelism Course – a six session training programme providing insights, activities and talking points to help individuals understand how to share their faith.
  • Now a Christian – sign up for a free 5 week daily reading that will help you to make your own decisions about the difference that having a Christian faith will make to your life.

Enquiry Courses

Websites explaining Christian Faith