Huddles and Learning Communities

Over the last year we have developed a new way of working together in HUDDLES. A HUDDLE is a small group of three or four leaders meeting to support one another in their role as leaders with the help of a facilitator to help us prioritise the important over the urgent, keep our plans on track, and encourage us and help maintain the focus on making and growing disciples. David Lawrence has been our facilitator and has been helping us establish these groups. Huddles are about Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability – and they carry this DNA in them

We have also been working with LEAD ACADEMY on developing a number of ‘Learning Communities’. The first Learning Community started in February 2015 and involved five churches. A learning community is a gathering of church leadership teams who have committed themselves who a two year process of review, planning and discernment with the aim of making sure that the main thing remains the main thing in our churches – ie making disciples takes centre stage.

Both these activities have been really positive for those involved and we are looking for ways to build on these over the coming months.