Everyone a disciple

Our Vision

Our desire is to see hundreds more people drawn into discipleship and our whole community changed and transformed by God’s loving rule. This can be expressed in the following way.

  • Everyone a disciple
  • Every disciple a disciple-maker
  • Every church a discipleship community
  • Everywhere a discipleship invitation

A disciple is someone who follows Jesus, receives the life of Jesus, is changed by the love of Jesus, and who lives to share that life and love with a needy world. A disciple is not someone simply waiting for heaven.

Everyone a disciple
We are aware that for too long the church has baptised people but failed to attract them to a life of discipleship. We admit that levels of whole-life and whole-hearted discipleship in our churches have been low. We recognise that attendance is not the same as discipleship. We confess that we have failed to see people bring all aspects of their lives under the rule of God and submit themselves fully to his Kingdom. We repent of this.

We now agree that our goal and our vision are to see a dramatic increase in both the quality and quantity of disciples across the Deanery and commit ourselves to making this a reality.