Everyone a disciple-maker

Every disciple a disciple-maker

Connected with ‘Everyone a disciple’ we are aware that we have failed to make disciples who are adequately motivated, equipped and enabled to make other people disciples too.  We recognise that ministry and mission has been seen as something that experts are engaged in while the vast majority of the church remains passive.  We admit that we have failed to equip the saints for ministry and that ministry has been relegated to a professional class of clergy, readers or other workers.

We accept that it is vital that this situation needs to change if we are to see a whole generation of people access the Kingdom of God, receive forgiveness and salvation and experience the eternal and abundant life of the Kingdom of God in them and their communities in the present moment.  To this end we commit ourselves to a vision where every disciple sees themselves as a disciple-maker, an active part of the body of Christ, fully participating in God’s mission to transform and redeem society and building up His church.