Every church a discipleship-centre

Every church a discipleship community

It is not uncommon for us to describe our buildings or our services as ‘church’.  Added to this has been an implicit understanding that ‘church’ is what happens on Sundays when we gather to worship.  We recognise that we need to re-conceive the way we think of ‘church’ and ‘church life’ uncoupling it from its attachments to buildings, services or activities.  Instead we want to see every ‘church’ as a community of disciples and every church building as a centre for discipleship.  Alongside notions of seeing our buildings as ‘worship centres’ we want to see our church buildings recast as ‘discipleship centres’ and equipped and fit for this purpose. We imagine a discipleship community not as a place where people come as individuals merely to receive the ministry of others but a place after the pattern of Acts 2, a generous place encouraging radical lifestyle choices and a place which saw many added to their number.   As we do this we believe that our ‘churches’, the community of disciples, will become more naturally missional in nature.