Deanery Conference

We are looking forward to getting together from right across the Deanery on Saturday 25th February for an exciting Deanery Conference. We don’t do these kind of things very often and so this is special. We are facing a time of change and want to move forward together as one church family into a new future together.

“It’s not about the cafe, it’s about the coffee” is going to be about helping us as PCCs engage with some of the issues that arise from the new Deanery Plan. We will be addressing the question, “How can we grow hundreds more disciples right across the city and see the kingdom of God grow among us?”

We will be starting with breakfast (crosissants and coffee) at 9.00am, and finishing at 12.45pm, happy, challenged, encouraged, and excited about what God is doing among us.

Put the date in your diary. Let the rest of your PCC and Leadership teams know. Read up on the plan beforehand and come ready for dreaming, thinking, sharing and encouraging.

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