I am delighted that we are going to be able to stream the conference live on Wednesday 24th February at 7.30pm via Youtube. Click on the image below:

Some more info about the event!


I am really thrilled to be able to let you know a bit more about the CITY-WIDE event coming up on Wednesday 24th February here in Bath.

As many of you will know, over the last few years we as Anglican churches have discerned a specific and clear call from God to make discipleship and disciple-making our main thing.  We have been energised around a common vision of seeing hundreds of people becoming disciples and our whole city transformed. It seems obvious now but although we have been involved in doing and being many things we need to priortise our energies and resources our this core purpose and to place the important over the urgent. As part of this we have been looking for ways to resource each other for the task of releasing and equipping our church members for ministry right where God has placed them – on their frontlines.

With this in mind we are so delighted therefore that Mark Greene and Neil Hudson, from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, are going to be coming to our city at the end of February.  

Mark and Neil are a gift from God to us as a city and they will be coming for a couple of days to help us and feed us. They are going to be leading two sessions. Everyone is invited to come and share in this event.

Why not bring along your church leadership team for the afternoon session?  (1.30-4.30pm) Just let me know you want to come. It’s free.

And also please can you help me by sharing this invitation to everyone in your church?  I am convinced that they will be inspired, will be fed and will be encouraged for living their life in a different way.

The evening session will start at 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th February and it will be hosted at St Swithin’s Church, at the end of Walcot Street in the centre of town.

If you can, do get people to register online at www.bathdeanery.org but if they just turn up they certainly won’t be turned away.  It’s completely free.

I so much look forward to seeing you there with hundreds of others from across the city.

God bless
Richard Wilson
Rural Dean of Bath


Session 1 – For all Church Leaders and leadership teams in the city/region

Wednesday afternoon: 1.30-4.30pm – ST SWITHIN’S WALCOT

Empowering Disciples for the Frontline : A Vision and a Strategy for City-wide disciple making and growing

Developing an imagination for our frontline – How can our local churches release mission and disciple-making in every part of the city? What does it mean to shape church life so that everyone is a disciple on a frontline?

Session 2 – For as many Christians from across the city/region as possible

Wednesday evening: 7.30-9.30pm – ST SWITHIN’S WALCOT

Fruitful on our Frontlines in Bath and Beyond

Inspiring and equipping Christians as whole-life disciples – Exploring what it means to be a disciple in the city where I live and how we can help one another grow in fruitfulness for Christ in the daily contexts we find ourselves.

In this interactive seminar we’ll explore a liberating framework for fruitfulness which will not only help you see fresh opportunities but enable you to recognise how God has already been at work in and through you – whole life discipleship