Collaborating Together

Further developing Task Groups to help shape and focus mission – COLLABORATION IN MISSION and UNITING IN PRAYER


  • Seek to implement the proposals of the various Task Groups – Poorest Magnificat Parishes / Youth Discipleship / Older generations / City-Centre mission and ministry
  • Develop the communication between the Task Groups and each local church and PCC, helping to join the dots
  • Support the mission of the Deanery through the work of the Rural Mission Enabler and Deanery Evangelism Adviser.
  • Recognising that there is a strategic need for us to invest in mission in the poorest areas we will share the load of fundraising and vision sharing across the city and not leave it to the poorest churches to tell their story or carry this burden alone.
  • Support the Abbey through the process of redevelopment and share in the development of a vision for the Abbey as a missional hub in the city centre


  • Leading, initiating and supporting ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and other prayer events and activities throughout the year, modelling a wide range of approaches to prayer in the Deanery
  • Encouraging the formation of Houses of Prayer in every part of the Deanery.
  • Developing a Deanery-wide cycle of prayer
  • Prioritising city-wide prayer for Church Leaders and leadership teams
  • Exploring the formation of a monastic community
  • Exploring the ideas of ‘Jericho’ evenings of prayer and Magnificat Sunday as ways of sharing the story and experience of ministry and mission in the poorest areas

Some specific Deanery goals 

  • Development of a City-centre discipleship vision By Easter 2018 City Centre TGp / DMPG / DLT
  • Every parish to set itself a specific mission goal relating to the poorest in their ‘patch’ and across the Deanery    September 2017   PCCs / Incumbents
  • Undertake an annual review of mission and ministry among the poorest areas By Easter 2018  Magnificat Task Group
  • 50% of people from the Anglican churches involved in ‘Thy Kingdom come’ prayer Ongoing / Reviewed annually    DLT / Incumbents / DEA / PCCs
  • 50% increase in involvement in November 2017 and February 2018 city-wide prayer evenings Ongoing / Reviewed annually DLT / Incumbents / DEA / PCCs
  • 5 new ‘Houses of Prayer’ across the Deanery By Easter 2018 PCCs / Incumbents
  • Termly ‘Jericho’ evenings of prayer Ongoing / Reviewed annually    Magnificat Task Gp / DMPG / DLT
  • ‘Magnificat’ Sunday resources offered Advent 2017    Magnificat Task Group