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I am so excited to be able to invite you to a special event coming up for all Christians across our city, and further afield, on Wednesday 24th February. Over the last number of years we, as the Anglican church in Bath, have been discerning God’s specific and clear call on us to focus our resources, our energy and our time on one main thing – being and making disciples. It sounds obvious now but we have realised that often we have let church life to become full of so many things that sometimes the main thing has been squeezed out. It is the tyranny of the urgent over the important. Responding to his call we have determined to make discipleship and disciple-making our main thing right across the city from Twerton, to Bathford, from Lansdown to Combe Down, from Southstoke to Northstoke, from the edges to the city centre -and we are uniting around a vision of seeing hundreds of people becoming disciples and our whole city transformed by God’s loving rule.

We have been looking for ways to resource each other for the task of being a disciple right where we are, right where God has placed us – on our Frontline and I am so delighted therefore that Mark Greene and Neil Hudson from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity and who have been producing numerous resources to help us Christian disciples to live lives of fruitfulness on our frontline – our workplaces, in our families, at the school or college, in hospital… wherever God has put us – are going to be coming to our city at the end of February.

Mark and Neil are a gift from God to us as a city and they will be coming for a couple of days to help us and feed us. Everyone is invited to come and share in this event. You are all welcome. Come to be inspired, to be fed, to be encouraged for living your life in a different way. Bring your friends. Come as a home group or small group. Get your whole church to join in. The more the merrier.

The evening session will start at 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th February and it will be hosted at St Swithin’s Church, at the end of Walcot Street in the centre of town.

I really believe it could change the way you see your life.
It could change the way you see your city
It could be the start of something really significant for us a city-wide church.

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It’s completely free.

I so much look forward to seeing you there with hundreds of others from across the city.