10,000 prayers in Lent

It is so exciting to see the way that God is calling us all together in prayer in cities and neighbourhoods right across the nation.  A remarkable sign of God’s grace on all this here in Bath is the way that the city-wide church has been offered a space right in the heart of the city to host an interactive prayer space for the first 11 days of LENT, from 1st -11th March, in Stall Street – just outside the old entrance to the Roman Baths.

Thousands of people walk past the spot every day and churches have got together to provide an opportunity for people to pray in three ways:

  • Letting go of something
  • Giving thanks for something
  • Praying for the city

The hope is to collect a physical demonstration of 10,000 prayers over the course of the 11 days with every prayer being represented by people placing coloured plastic balls (Red, Yellow, & Green) into the different structures in the prayer space.

10,000 lent prayer books have also been produced to hand out to the public.

How can you get involved ?

There are a number of specific ways to join in:

  • Start praying in your churches and at home for this venture
  • Come to the Abbey on 28 February at 7.30pm, to join with others to pray for this and the city
  • Send individuals or a team of 4 to host the interactive prayer tent
  • Come to the tent at 12 noon any day and prayer walk the city for 30 minutes
  • Pray each day for the tent space and the city using the Bath lent prayer booklet
  • Arrange for your schools/toddler or pensioner groups to take part by ordering some balls for them to use (they are free to them)

We’d love it if you could be involved in this with others from across the city.

Any individual or group is welcome to join the 12 noon prayer walk where we will explore God’s vision for Bath while visiting different areas of the city and praying for God’s kingdom.

How to respond now?

  • Tell your church about this opportunity and
  • To see if there are people in your church who’d be happy to sign up as a group for one of the 22 slots (every day from 1-11 March either from 9.30 am to 1 pm or 1pm to 5pm) to host the space. To do this please email

For the ‘Pray for Bath’ lent prayer booklet please email

It is so amazing that we, the Church in Bath, have been granted great favour from the council and from God to be given this site. This is such a fantastic opportunity for us all to work together at this time of Lent.

Thank you for your support

If you have any further questions do please get in touch.